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CRYogenic Suspension for TreaTment And Loading

Our services

CRYSTTAL offers solutions for customized micronisation analysis and characterisation of powders.

Our services are tailored to meet your needs.

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Prob test

Micronization of small quantities of powders, from a few grams to test the behavior of the input under CRYSTTAL conditions and to demonstrate the benefits of CRYSTTAL technology.

Each micronized product is returned to the customer to help its team better understand the quality of the results. CRYSTTAL’s expertise is designed to guide customers towards optimizing their powder using a dedicated process.

Probe tests are carried out as quickly as possible thanks to our responsive team (under 10 days).
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Micronization study

In addition to the probe test, CRYSTTAL examines the micronization parameters of the material in question for its customers.

We conduct a test grid and screening of the operating conditions to meet the specifications and optimize the micronization process according to the customer’s needs.
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Industrial pre-feasability

After the micronization study, the industrial pre-feasibility study upgrades the process to micronize powders in large quantities.

The pre-feasibility study provides information on the cost of micronizing a given industrial quantity (OPEX and CAPEX), the operating conditions, the material balance, the energy balance, and the service life of the process and powder specifications.

At the end of the industrial pre-feasibility study, two options are possible:

1) delivery of equipment, or

2) the industrial production of micronized powders by CRYSTTAL on behalf of its customers.
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Design and sale of equipment

Design, manufacture and supply of micronization equipment for autonomous micronization processes using the CRYSTTAL technology.

Training, follow-up, after-sales service and maintenance contract.