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CRYogenic Suspension for TreaTment And Loading

CRYSTTAL, the power of powders

Innovative technology that achieves unprecedented levels of micronized material that which ungrindable until now.

Introducing CRYSTTAL

Created in July 2023 near Aix-en-Provence and a spin-off of nuclear fuel research at the CEA, CRYSTTAL is a start-up that develops and treats powders with high added value.
The patented CRYSTTAL cryogenic micronization technique enables all materials to be ground while retaining their initial properties and producing powders ranging from nanometers to a few micrometers. It is a revolution in the production of submicron powders.
Fichier 11

High-performance technology with added value

  • Mixtures are more homogeneous , even mixtures of cohesive powders
  • Powder oxidation is reduced
  • Powder purity is maintained : no pollution, no structural transformation, no reaction
  • Initial physical and chemical properties of micronized materials are preserved
  • Performance / properties of use are improved
  • Very high grinding efficiency: 95% of the material is recovered in powder form


CRYSTTAL founders


Stéphane VAUDEZ

Co-founder, chairman and director
Senior materials expert
PhD in condensed matter physics-chemistry of condensed matter


Co-founder and strategic and innovation advisor
Research Director
Doctor in chemistry-physics and qualified to supervise research projects.